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Instant Payday Loans For Bad Credit In Texas

If you live in Texas, you are over 18 and you are looking for a cheap quick and safe way to get urgent cash advance, is the right place. We do not guarantee any miracles, but we do promise verified information, friendly service and all the necessary details you need to find the right lender with lower rates and fees, affordable terms and convenient online and in-store application. All you need to do is fill out a simple form which is processed within several minutes and if approved you get the money into your bank account the same or the following day. Bad credit is not a problem. Neither is a credit check. Applying won't damage your credit history. And paying off the loan will even help you raise the score. 

 texas payday loans

Why Choose Paydayplus.Net Cash Advance In Texas

Plus to quick funding of the necessary amount for a borrower with any credit type and with NO credit check you get:

  • online loan applying and instant processing
  • a chance to compare the best loan offers from top direct lenders
  • any information on the lending process which is sure to be the latest and verified by experts
  • 100% safe borrowing with high personal data protection
  • a chance to apply for a higher amount with Personal Installment Loans

How Payday Loans In Texas Work?

To apply for a Online Payday Loan with No Credit Check in Texas follow these easy steps:

  1. use an internet-capable device and access an online loan application 24/7;
  2. application process will include quick gathering of the information necessary to make a lending decision. It's secure and is based on OLA guidelines, federal and tribal regulations. Every application is given special attention to consider factors beyond your credit score;
  3. as you are approved and verified, you get an access to the funds as soon as the next business day. The money may be deposited electronically into your bank account through a secured ACH transfer as long as you have been approved by 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday;
  4. repay the loan automatically when it's due, usually in 14-30 days as soon as you get the next paycheck.

Follow these step-by-step directions and you'll feel all the convenience and pleasure of online borrowing with

Texas Payday Loan Requirements

texas payday loan requirements

Payday loans in Texas laws, rates and fees

Minimum Loan Amount

100 $

Maximum Loan Amount

1,000 $

Minimum Loan Term

14 days

Maximum Loan Term

180 days

Maximum APR

410 %

Additional Fees

10% of the loan


30 $

Default penalties

5% collection fee

All detailed information on the laws in the state of Texas can be found on the website

Quick payday loans available on Saturday and Sunday

A quick loan that you can apply for at the weekend in Texas is a great solution for people who need money right now. Due to the fact that the application is accepted on Saturday and Sunday, the money can be received immediately - provided that a positive decision is obtained from the non-banking company.

It is worth being aware that weekend loans online are offered on the same terms as any other payday loan granted on a weekday. There is no need to meet any additional conditions or complete any special formalities. Thanks to this, anyone who needs funds can apply for such a payday loan. In most cases, you must meet the age criterion, live in the US, have a source of income. It is also important to have a bank account and a mobile phone number.

Quick loans provided by a non-bank company are available on favorable terms. As a new customer, you can get payday loans even for free. However, it is necessary to pay the liability on time. Otherwise, additional fees are added to the loan amount as in the case of a standard loan. So you also have to pay back the interest and the commission charged.

How is it possible that we will receive the money in 15 minutes?

Many clients wonder what is the reason for such a short wait for money from payday loans. There are even suspicions that the entire procedure is an attempted fraud. It turns out, however, that all doubts and fears are exaggerated, and private loans are a safe and legal way to get quick money.

The short duration of the entire procedure is due to the fact that in the case of loans, all formalities are kept to a minimum. All the customer has to do is complete the application and undergo the verification process. In most cases, the borrower does not even have to leave the house to enjoy the money received. Such speed and convenience mean that more and more people give up bank loans in favor of private solutions. It is hardly surprising, after all, the vision of receiving a loan in 15 minutes sounds extremely tempting and for many people it will be the most sensible option.

Main features of Texas payday loans

Here are parameters that you should pay your attention to:

  • Maximum loan amount. In addition to the minimum amount, this is an important element when looking for an online loan. The most important thing here is how much you can count, because this will determine whether you can afford to cover the expense or not.
  • Loan repayment date. This is the second most important factor when you think about making a commitment, because your assessment of the repayment ability and the cost of the loan depend on it.
  • Ongoing promotions. The situation is different when the first loan is possible without any fees than when the annual percentage rate is high. If the cost of the commitment is $0, it may be a decisive factor in taking out a loan "without obligations".
  • Checking against credit databases. This is another piece of information that you should pay attention to, because many customers are looking for the so-called loans without credit check.
  • Borrower's age. This is an issue that affects your creditworthiness. Therefore, if you are a young person and you are wondering whether your birth certificate will affect your decision, you should also check this issue.

Warning On Texas Payday Loans

While payday loans are very popular in the states that offer them, they come with a number of disadvantages you should be aware of. Payday lenders often charge excessive fees and high interest rates which are higher than credit card cash advances or personal installment loans.

If a borrower can't pay off a loan on time he tends to apply for rollovers and extensions which means taking out a new loan—with new fees—to cover the payment for the original loan. This can lead you to a continuous cycle of debt.

So, before taking out a Payday Loan think twice whether you can afford it, whether you are responsible enough to lan your budget so that to pay back the money on a due date.

Payday Loan Alternatives:

Before applying for a short-term high-interest Payday Loan consider other alternatives. Most popular of them are

  • credit card cash advances,

  • personal installment loans,

  • title loans,

  • loans from banks or credit unions.

They all differ by interest, repayment, amounts and terms. Find out all the details of each of them to choose the right for you.

Select your city to find and compare the most suitable lenders in Texas.

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  • Bad Credit OK
  • Only direct lenders
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Find out if you qualify for a loan without any affect on your credit score

We keep your personal information secured!

By submitting my information, I acknowledge I have read, understand, and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use,I understand that by submitting my information, I may be contacted by telephone by one lender.