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$500 payday loans

Get A $500 Loan Until Your Next Payday

500-Dollar Payday Loan

PaydayPlus online loan request form for a $500 loan is quick, easy, and available 24/7. You can even use your mobile phone to apply for a loan from PaydayPlus. If your request is approved by your lender, they can deliver your loan funds in as little as 1 business day.

Good credit is not required to apply. PaydayPlus study proves that direct lenders make loan decisions almost instantly i.e., in as little as 5 minutes or less, including time for completing a loan request. If you are approved, you will not have to wait days or weeks to get the Payday Loan you need.

Is 500 Dollar Loan Available For Bad Credit?

Bad credit is typically a credit score below 600. Normally this makes it almost impossible for you to borrow money from traditional lenders. If you would like a 500-dollar loan for bad credit, we at PaydayPlus are always to assist. We refer your request to more than 100 qualified lenders to increase your chance of approval. And, we do it securely and really fast!

How much does a $500 loan cost?

According to the recent PaydayPlus Comparison of Bad Credit $500 Payday Loan Cost, the price for a $500 payday Loan with a 31-day repayment term can vary depending on your credit score in the following way:


Good Credit Score (670-739)

Fair Credit Score (580-669)

Bad Credit Score (300-579)

APR (%)




Total Cost

$ 662.92

$ 695.83


Interest Charged


$ 195.83


$100 loans as well as $200 loans are also available for poor credit.

If you plan to take out a loan for $500, then you should roughly calculate how much you will have to pay at the end. It is worth mentioning that payday loans can be absolutely free, as the first payday loan is often available with APR 0%. In all other cases, you must take into account the additional costs indicated in the table below.

  APR 500$ loan final cost

Payday Loan

500 %

3,000 $

Installment Loan

37 %

685 $

Personal Loan

36 %

680 $

Car Title Loan

300 %

2,000 $

Thus, in order to understand the final cost of the loan, you should first of all pay attention to APR (annual percentage rate). The calculations are made as follows: to the amount of your loan, in this case 500$, you add the percentage of APR and get the amount that you pay in the end. Accordingly, if you take a 500$ payday loan with APR 500%, then:

$500 + APR 500 % = $3,000 final loan cost

Why You May Need A 500-Dollar Loan With No Credit Check?

Many people find themselves in tough situations from time to time. It is not unusual. Emergency bills, medical situations, car repairs, or you name it. Life happens to us all. A500-dollar payday loan from PaydayPlus can be the way out of a tough situation.If you need a 500-dollar loan with no credit check, you can get an answer in just minutes.

How To Get 500-Dollar Payday Loan Online

If you are asking, “I need a 500-dollar loan today”, we can guarantee your request will be rapidly seen by our 100+ top direct lenders. They offer a 500-dollar loan today fast because you need it right away.

To get urgent 500 dollars you need:

  • Check your credit score and make sure there’re no mistakes on your report. Knowing your credit rating will let you qualify at the best rates and terms available for you.
  • Pre-qualify online with a quick payday loan application form. It will allow you to know how much your $500 loan will cost, what terms you will be offered, and what interest rates, fees, and other finance charges the lender is likely to request.
  • Prepare the documents. Find out what documents are required and make sure you have all the papers ready in advance.
  • Complete the application online and submit your loan request. 
  • Get guaranteed instant approval online from the most suitable direct lender.
  • The money will be deposited directly into your banking account same day or the next business day.

Who qualifies for a $500 Loan?

There are a few eligibility requirements you should be aware of:

  • Have a valid U.S ID
  • Have a regular source of income even if it is from the Disability or Social Security
  • Have an active checking account for your cash deposit
  • Have a valid phone number and email (cell phone is fine)
  • Be a minimum of 18 years of age

If you are thinking “how to get a 500-dollar loan”, just go to our request page, fill in our short form, and get an answer in 90 seconds or less.

How To Get Guaranteed Approval 500-Dollar Loan From Direct Lender

If you have bad credit, there is a high chance you can’t get 500-dollars with bad credit. And, you probably don’t have a credit card to use either. So, a 500-dollar loan online maybe your best opportunity to get the money you need right now. Is there a guaranteed 500-dollar loan? Well, not most are approved, but quite 80% are at PaydayPlus!

Maybe a 500-dollar loan direct lender is what you need, and one of our direct lenders can assist you right away. To increase your chances just follow the advice:

  • Apply on a trusted source like PaydayPlus.net with numerous legitimate lending companies, verified customer reviews, positive rankings, physical address, no hidden fees, etc.
  • Make sure to prepare all the necessary documents, proof of your income, address, ID.
  • Complete the application form online before 11 am on a working day so that you could receive the funds with the same day bank transfer.
  • Get to know all the lender’s terms and conditions to be well aware of what to expect.

Alternative Options to Make 500 Dollars Fast

When you badly need $500 dollars today, you have a few options to consider. Taking into account a bad credit score, this choice is even more limited. Still, it’ always possible to find a way out.

Payday Plus expert choice offers the following $500 Payday Loan alternatives:

  • Completely online car title loans with no credit check;
  • Credit Card Loans;
  • Small Installment Loans for bad credit;
  • Rent-to-own;
  • Pawnshop Loans;
  • Instant Cash Advance.

The choice of the most suitable short-term financing depends on your urgent needs, your budget, your credit score, etc. Check your rates before applying.

Still, why plump for $500 Payday Loans?

  • Same day 500 cash loan financing
  • Reasonable fees even for bad credit borrowers
  • No restrictions on a 500 dollar loan usage
  • Convenient and flexible terms
  • Very basic eligibility criteria
  • No hard credit checks
  • Safe application
  • Guaranteed online approval

Just start your loan request now to see how fast and easy the process is.

500 dollar loan

Some FAQ’s Related to $500 payday loans

I need a $500 loan. How long can I get a loan for?

You can request a loan for a period of up to 1 month. However, in some states, the loan length may be shorter, and in other states, you may be allowed to extend your loan and payments. Ask your lender about your state laws (or go to your state website) and all terms and conditions of your loan.

What time does it take to get a decision on a loan request I made?

A decision on a loan request is made within 5 minutes or less. This includes the time it takes you to complete the request, usually 2-3 minutes, and the 90 seconds or less to review your request and respond to you. It can’t be any safer or faster.

Is it possible to get a $500 loan if you work in a non-traditional job?

You can get a loan without having traditional employment or work. The key is being able to show you have a steady income. This may require a lender to see a few bank statements but is not always necessary.

Can I get a web loan if I have already got a legitimate bank loan?

You can get a loan online if you have an open loan at your bank or with another financial institution, as long as you qualify. This usually means having a steady income for the last 3 months or more of at least $1,000 month, even if self-employed.

I need $500 by tomorrow. Is it possible to get a loan with my negative credit history?

500-dollar loans with direct lenders are common for those with poor credit. And, if approved, you will get your cash in 1 business day.

Can I get quite one loan at a time?

In the 500-dollar payday loan, you can get only one loan online at a time in almost all states. There are very few exceptions, but it is determined by state law. You can ask your lender about your state as well as options like rollovers, etc.

Need a $500-dollar loan now? Apply now for a $500 Payday loan or a Car Title Loan online and get instant approval even with bad credit.!

Get your money NOW!


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  • Bad Credit OK
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Find out if you qualify for a loan without any affect on your credit score

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